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Trayner Staffing LLC engages in contingent placement contracts on a percentage basis. Percentages and guarantees differ on industry, position levels, relocation needs, candidate pools, and any other factors that may impact the difficulty of the search. Reach out to for a quote.

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*The terms of this Direct Hire Services Agreement are agreed to by and between Trayner Staffing LLC and Client


Services. Trayner Staffing LLC will present candidates for direct hire by client. Based upon client’s review and analysis, they will hire candidates it determines to be suitable (each, a “direct hire”). Each direct hire will be an employee of client and will work under the sole management and direction of client. In no event should the employee be deemed an employee of Trayner Staffing LLC. Client is solely responsible for obtaining any work permits, or licenses, and for payment of the direct hire’s wages, expenses, benefits, workers compensation premiums, withholding of all taxes, and all employer responsibilities. 

Fees and Payment Terms. Client agrees to pay Trayner Staffing LLC a direct hire placement fee of (Insert agreed %) of the annualized base salary for the first year of employment with client for each direct hire. This payment is additional and separate from the candidate pay.  For an hourly paid employee the fee structure would be (Insert agreed %) of (pay per hour multiplied by 2080). Neither client, nor any affiliates of client shall hire or contract with, directly or indirectly any candidate presented by Trayner Staffing LLC to client for a period of 1 year from the date of Trayner Staffing LLC’s referral unless client pays Trayner Staffing LLC the fees set forth in this agreement. Payment shall be due within 10 days after direct hire’s start date. 

Guarantee. If, within the first (Insert agreed number) calendar days of starting work with client, either client terminates direct hire’s employment for cause, or direct hire terminates employment with client for any reason, Trayner Staffing LLC will provide a one-time replacement candidate for the same role. The guarantee does not apply if direct hire is laid off due to downsizing, economic reasons or lack of work. The replacement guarantee must be applied within 12 months of direct hire’s termination and holds no cash value. 

The terms of this guarantee are contingent upon the following:

  • Payment must be received according to the terms herein stated; and

  • Notification of direct hire’s termination must be sent within 10 days of direct hire’s last day of employment to the following email address:


Name: Spencer Trayner

Title: Owner/Team Builder

Address: 701 S. Howard Ave.106803 Tampa, Florida 33606

Phone: 8134801136










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