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Reach out and let us know the type(s) of position(s) needing support and we will quote you a fee/rate along with the best structure we can utilize to help you accomplish your recruitment goals. ***All structuring is at the discretion of Trayner Staffing***


Need recruitment on demand?

Trayner Staffing takes on your recruitment needs at a flat hourly rate. The number of hours can ebb and flow on a week to week AND OR month to month basis depending on the recruitment volume needed. Hours are billed in correlation to the production of a given billing cycle.*With this model, Trayner Staffing acts as your company's internal recruiter AND OR an extension of your current team, aiming to augment your talent acquisition efforts. Trayner Staffing is capable of taking on large recruitment projects needing hundreds of hours per week of support.


Have a difficult to fill position or an extremely technical search?

Trayner Staffing will place the perfect fit candidate on a fee per hire basis.


Talent acquisition and lead generation is hard

Trayner Staffing can help you create and implement systems and strategies to set your organization up for success.


Need help with your business development?

Trayner Staffing can put meetings on your sales team’s calendar. We work across any and all industries and conduct active and consistent outreach and follow up to the ideal targets that your company is seeking to do business with. We understand client acquisition and we take the aggressive and consistent approach that is necessary to generate leads for your sales team.


Need a dedicated resource?

Trayner Staffing can contract a dedicated full time (40 hrs/week) resource of any skill set to your organization for a set monthly rate. Contracts are on a month to month renewal basis and you can cancel at anytime. 

Examples Below:


Lead Generation Specialist

Sourcing Specialist

Web developer

Customer Service

Data Analyst


Account Manager

Email Marketer

Content Creator

Social Media Specialist

Project Manager

Dont see what you need above? Reach out and let us know what you need and we will find the perfect fit. 

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